Menus For All Occasions

From casual to gourmet, you can expect great food at the table with Brooklyn South Catering. Since 1998 we have built our reputation for providing consistent quality food. Our staff have more than 15 years’ experience and can help you create a custom menu for your needs . We work with budgets of all sizes, for Celebrations of all kinds, whether it would be for a corporate or private event. Our passion for providing delicious Italian delicacies ranging from simple to gourmet can satisfy even the most difficult guests. Our catering menu offers a variety of entrees all of which can be picked up at our restaurants or delivered to you. All of our catering items can be prepared for from 10 to hundreds of guests. In keeping with our philosophy that each customer and event we cater to is unique and deserving of special attention, we do not quote prices on the menus. Instead, we prefer to treat you and your event as an exclusive celebration. We will create a specialized menu to best compliment your event, appetite and budget.

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Catering menus